5 Minute $1000 Product Demo

5 Minute $1000.00 Product Demo

How many $1000.00 products do you sell that you can demonstrate in less than 5 minutes? The new PD2 Helios Large Display Intro Meter gives you at least one! And it costs only $30!

The PDM2D Helios Intro Meter is also one of the easiest demos you will ever give because it is just an empty Helios meter case with a printed faceplate that shows how big the dual line display is. There are no electronics inside the case, so there is no need to plug it in or hook up any wires. All you have to do is hold it in front of the customer and the Helios Intro meter will sell itself. The big bright 1.8" display readable from 100 ft is sure to open your customer's eyes!

PDM2D Helios Intro Meter Demo

For your convenience, we added a list of key features on the front and back of the demo meter so you'll never forget to mention the most important things about the Helios while you're showing it to customers.

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