Effluent Flow Measurement with PD6622

Industry Application Series Product
Water & Wastewater Flow Rate Totalizer Loop Leader PD6622-L2N

Description of Application

A Loop Leader PD6622 measuring the flow of effluent in an open channel. Notice how clear the display is even in direct sunlight.

Key Aspects of the Application

  • The PD6622's dual-line display allows the display of both rate and total at the same time.
  • The PD6622 is loop-powered, meaning no additional power is required.
  • The PD6622's NEMA 4X front panel means it can be installed in dirty, dusty, outdoor and wet environments.
  • The PD6622's programmable exponent feature for weirs or flumes automatically raises the input signal to the desired power.
  • The PD6622's LCD display is easy to read even in direct sunlight, and the standard backlight provides clear indication in any lighting condition.
  • The Loop Leader Series offers many features rarely seen in other loop-powered meters as described in the Loop Leader Series video.
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