ProVu with Dual-Scale Feature in Pump Control Panel Displaying Gallons & Inches

Industry Application Series Product
NEC Level ProVu PD6000-6R2

This is a retrofit replacing an old pump controller with the PD6000 that displays level in a diesel day tank for a standby generator. The customer is using the ProVu's dual scale feature so the top line is showing volume in gallons and the lower line is showing the height in inches. Here are some things the customer could be doing with the ProVu:

  • Providing the 24 VDC to power the transmitter
  • Linearizing the round horizontal day tank so it reads in gallons using the ProVu's automatic Round Horizontal Tank linearizer
  • Using the ProVu's relays to control the pumps (with pump alternation capability)
  • Using the ProVu's relays to drive alarm devices


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