Virtual Meter Instructions

Main menu

Program & Use Digital Inputs
  1. Press and hold Set/Ent for 3 seconds to enter the setup menu.
  2. Press Down three times to reach the lockout password, .
  3. Press Set/Ent to enter the lockout password (the default is 0).
  4. Press Set/Ent seven times until parameter is displayed.
  5. Press Up to set the parameter to mode 1 or 2.
    Note: See Digital Input Operation table below for functionality.

    DI.SL Digital Input 1 (D1) Digital Input 2 (D2) Operation
    Off N/A N/A DI Disabled
    1 Off N/A Stop
    On N/A Run
    N/A Off SP1
    N/A On/td> SP2
    2 Off Off SP1
    On Off Sp2
    Off On SP3
    On On SP4

  6. Press Set/Ent to accept a changed setting.
  7. Press and hold Set/Ent for 3 seconds to exit the setup menu.
The Nova VirtualMeter assumes a 22°C or 72°F ambient temperature while programmed for a temperature input.